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Former “Lord of Soapy Massage” says old prostitution is over


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Chuwit Kamolwisit – a colourful character who has been a TV presenter, politician, and prison inmate, but is known as the former “Lord of Soapy Massage” – says that Thailand’s heyday of soapy massage prostitution has passed. The legendary man was tapped to comment by Channel 3 on the story of a massive soapy massage venue that was offered for sale for 470 million baht, a price that many baulked at, and then was snapped up within a day by an eager purchaser.

The giant massage complex had a 50 table coffee shop as well as 104 private rooms in a central location on Arun Amarin Road in the Pin Klao area of Bangkok. Chuwit posits that the steep sales price asked by the elderly owner, who said he had no heirs to pass the business on to, was justified not by the value of the massage business, but by the prime real estate.

He said that the days of men heading to massage parlours, girlie bars, or soapy massage venues are over because now anyone who fancies a bit of fun can find women on the LINE app. (Perhaps he is unaware of OnlyFans and any number of dating or hookup apps like Tinder.)

Chuwit was interviewed by Channel 3 and he talked about the future for places like massage parlours. He painted that future as bleak, saying that all the massage shops have closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and he doesn’t foresee them being profitable as they reopen. He says banks will be very hesitant to offer loans to these floundering businesses.

The 470 million baht soapy massage deal likely had little to do with massage, but everything to do with what Chuwit called a “golden piece of real estate”. The venue sprawls across 3 rai of prime real estate in Bangkok, where the value of land per square wah is about 400,000 baht.

It remains to be seen what will become of the soapy massage behemoth – will it be reopened as before? Or is it just a prime piece of real estate that will be developed into new condos or something similar?





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I was looking at the street view of google maps at the CP2 Soapy on Si Ayutthaya Road. The photo shows the wreckers tearing down the place.  There was a really shitty place that I’d go to across from the train station, it became an instagram restaurant/cafe. The Nataree never recovered from the raid. The Copa Cabana closed down years ago. The CP1 even longer ago.

I never went to bars but I really like the soapies and all my old favorites are gone, and now with a pandemic I don’t feel like finding new places. And a special shout-out to Slimy Toad from the old board and his soapy posts.

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Be nice to relive some of the old posts.


A number of the owners of the giant complexes were gay men.


I know this odd fact as a friend of mine, a thai girl worked at one, but dressed as a boy. She/he was a dek serve at one of the biggest venues.


She went to the usual end of year party for the business, the owners very generous and threw great staff parties.


The gay owner thought he'd found a very cute young lad and whisked her of her feet


Only to discover "he' was a "she" and of course had no further interest.

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No it is not. They moved into Soi 7/2 but like many other places of the United Nations official World Heritage Collection it is not what it used to be. I have not been there myself but looking for my seafood restaurant recently I have seen it deep inside the Soi. The retaurant which was previously in Soi 7 did also disappear.

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On 4/29/2023 at 5:21 AM, rickfarang said:

Now, on the other side of the worst of the pandemic, are there any decent soapy places left.  Though it may not have been great, Annie's was at least convenient. Is it still there?

The original Annie’s  closed in 2014 and reopened on Sukhumvit 7/1 according to Website 

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