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Odds on a Coup


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Move Forward Party lottery numbers sell out in Thailand

After the progressive Move Forward Party (MFP) won the most seats in Thailand’s elections on Sunday, lottery tickets associated with the party have sold out ahead of this afternoon’s national lottery draw...


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On 5/16/2023 at 10:01 PM, My Penis is hungry said:

You all lack any understanding of Thai politics and the Army

The Army believe completely in democracy

Their will be a new PM from the opposition

And in a year's time then we can have the coup

Well, that's the way it's usually done


I'm backing this one,  as the most likely outcome,  with the odds,  3:1  as in  3=coup,  1=status quo.

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Well I reckon that the odds have changed in the last day or so.

to 10:1 as in 10=coo & 1=no coo.     and    soon   .

Why?  I continue to speak tangentially:

because the new kids on the block are floating big changes to the rule, that abhors, even mild negative comment, on characters who have appeared in the Adams Family.

The Addams Family is a fictional family created by American cartoonist Charles Addams. They originally appeared in a series of 150 unrelated single-panel comics, about half of which were originally published in The New Yorker between 1938 and their creator's death in 1988

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Prawit claims there is no secret deal to form alternative government


1st rule of politics: Politicians Lie

1st rule of Thai politics: Thai Politicians Lie




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