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has it been that long?

Bar Staff, Sex Tourists Wait Patiently For White Woman To Get Off Go-Go Stage

PATPONG – The staff and patrons of Super Pussy go-go bar had their usual evening’s proceedings interrupted by the sudden decision of a caucasian woman, who no one wanted in the bar in the first place, to climb on stage and briefly pretend to be a go-go dancer, sources report.


As of press time, everyone was waiting patiently and politely averting their eyes as Meredith Walsh, a 34-year-old American tourist who had reportedly drank three gin and tonics, tried to shake her large, unwieldy mid-section to the beat of the song “Mambo Number 5” while holding the brass pole in one hand for stability.

Meredith’s companion, 36-year-old Bradford Planck, initially cheered Meredith’s show of spontaneity but then settled into a steely gaze of gritted teeth as her exhibition extended into its second excruciating minute.

“She’s a good sport about all this sex industry stuff,” he said. “A really, really, good sport.”


When asked about unauthorized dancers on stage, the Super Pussy manager “Nat” reiterated the bar’s no-interruption, no-bouncers policy.

“No need bouncer here,” Nat said. “Farang man have lot of sex so no more fighting. Farang woman want feel sexy so she dance. When she feel stupid she stop. Make farang man want Thai lady more.”


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