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Christmas dinner!


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.... I will prolly go for one of the freebees though somewhere ..W

You teach English for a living?


Definitely not. I am trying to set up something for myself, but I am getting a lot of headwind with the international markets not doing to well. Apart from that I freelance for other people.


I never ever want to work for a boss anymore. I rather jump of a roof than have all my ideas stolen by managers who make promotions with them and forgetting they had gotten the idea from me in the first place. I have been fucked over to many times with working for a boss.

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The Bourbon street choices look good (for me anyway), but is it a nice place to dine for a GTG? What's the venue like?



Perfectly fine for a GTG. The owner told me he has had members of the royal family dine there more than once.


The decor is nothing to write home about, but it is comfortable.


Been there a few times and have seen many families with kids eating there.

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I wouldn't bring my missus to Bourbon street, especially for christmas...


And I suspect that you too Faustian would think the same as I do....

Why not? It is very proper and family friendly -- moreso on holidays. I've even seen the #3 Princess eating there, seems she loves the crawfish.


Of course it is not fancy at all. Just good food, friendly staff and a homey feel. It is hard for me to keep Ms Vampirella outta the place, what with the fresh oysters, decent Thai food, and Bananas Foster LOL.




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If that is the restaurant I am thinking of in WS, I can't see any reason why you wouldn't take your wife or girlfriend there. Nothing sleazy about it at all, really enjoyed the food while I was there.


Taking her to the Silver Dollar afterwards for a nightcap might be pushing it though :)

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2800 bht for a Christmas buffet?


Nothing special especially if they kept up the quality.


1K for the "normal" buffet so 2800 doesn't seem high to me if they provide Champagne, foie gras etc...


A normal meal at any "top" place in Bangkok already costs a few thousands (and more usually above 10k for a meal for two with just a few glasses of wine, not even a bottle).

2800 Bht is really not that high.


For 2800 you don't even get a decent christmas meal in the cheapest restaurant here....



You should learn to read before you reply to one of my posts. I wrote, it's 2,800 PER PERSON with no alcohol. The buffet on a normal night at the Marriott is 1,500 so why would Christmas buffet be almost 100% higher. Do turkey and veggies carry premium? The buffet at the other 5 star hotels is around 1,500 so why is the Marriott charging almost double?


Oh, and Drogon, what is a high roller like you doing eating tuna at work on Christmas?

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