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To boomboom with a lass that volume you either need some sort of adapter or extension device. On the other hand watching her leaving the shower would make me grab my belongings and sail out of any nearest window, 15th floor if necessary. How could somebody degenerate to that extend, she must be spitting at herself in the mirror.

Leaving for the land of smiles tomorrow, carrying umbrella and rainjacket. ( Me, not her)

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A brief summary, for those with only a few seconds to spare, before their brain fries: The Mango Mussolini is suing CNN for $475 million, because they reported three people, comparing Trump to Hitler. 

For those of us that enjoy a read longer than one or two paragraphs and like me have enjoyed "The Onion" over the years, I draw attention to this article: LINK,   which in part goes:

"While filing a litany of grievances masquerading as a lawsuit may satisfy Trump’s need for revenge, it feels like a grave mistake here. In asking the court to say definitively that it is unfair to compare Trump to Hitler, he has opened the door for the courts to reach the opposite conclusion."

"All told, this is less a case of defamation and more a case of crying “they were mean to me.” It will not gain Trump the $475 million in damages he is seeking from CNN. And it has proved a window for people like me to remind Americans that Donald Trump does not want to have to prove in court that he’s not a threat to democracy.

While it would be extremely entertaining to see Trump’s lawyers try to convince a jury that their client and his actions have no comparison with the Nazis' rise to power, the odds that it gets thrown out like his suit against Hillary Clinton was in September are extremely high. And while I had fun reading through this train wreck of an argument, it wasn’t even the best pastiche of legal writing that I’ve read this week: The Onion did it better."

and is worth a read 

But more importantly, this work of The Onion, the document lodged with the Supreme Court: LINK  also worth a read.


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