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'As for people calling you a cheap Charlie, at least you donated somethng. Which is more than 99% of the members can say'


i have 2 problems with this.

i would like to donate something but i have no CC,don't believe in the things,so how could i pay a donation?.


i am currently in a Financial problem as my Salary has been fucked up for 23 Months and i am also owed 23 Months worth of backpay.


i would love to give something to this Board but at the moment it is not possible.

maybe in the future,i don't want to be thought of as a cheap charlie.........

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"i would like to donate something but i have no CC,don't believe in the things,so how could i pay a donation?."


Granted, that would be tough. We can also accept PayPal, but again that requires a cc. A cheque is also an option, but of course a bit of a pain in the ass. Thing is though that donations do not need to be money, one can donate in the form of content as well (for instance, Rookie got Board Sponsor status for spending a few afternoons going around Pattaya taking loads of pictures of GoGo bars for the ranking system).


I'll accept that my comment was a bit harsh as well, and it was directed only at those who would jump on someone for donating a small amount, yet have not donated anything themselves.

I should have been more clear about that, sorry.



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Nervous_Dog said:

How about adding the booze and stuff people have donated to competitions, that also adds to the site in many ways, Paul101 sent in a 1 gig thumb drive, Mekong and Pataya127 gave$50 each, OH must have spent that much on wine, Hugh Hoy also at least that and DUmbsoda.




WOW For a spat between 127 and I some 4 months ago may be awarded a Litle Yellow S :elephant:

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Hi KS,

I am a tad embarassed as I mailed you and promised to make a donation ($$) over and above the wines when I was in town in Jan. Unfortunately I was distracted the night I came to the Gully's meeting and the phone call I received when I was there made me leave early with other things on my mind....LOL.

Last week I didn't make the meeting......let's just say SD led me astray...555.. and I also received another phone call that distracted me again (same number) 555


Elephants and fat falang never forget, so it's only a matter of time. I'm back April or May (new job) so put me down for $50.

It's now on public record so I can't escape....and I don't intend to stop posting...LOL


Cheers Dumsoda

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