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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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On yesterdays long haul flight


I watched "The Accountant" wasn't as bad as I thought it would be


"Mrs Perigines home for lost children" or whatever it's called. Tim Burton movie,


I like his movies, this one a bit more horrific than usual, also, German bombers bombing welsh islands? That seems a bit far to fly.


Not bad, but not really childrens movie,

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Not a movie - Sneaky Pete series 1, 10 episodes


This is what I call great TV, Brian Cranston does a great mobster, Giovanni Ribisi plays Pete, a conman who gets out of jail but is in trouble, er, all the time.



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Monkey King 2014, Monkey King 2016 - great in HD, good vs evil, classical story, Chinese with English subtitles. I've always wondered why, when you've got super powers, you restrict yourself to bashing people against the architecture, me I'd fry their eyeballs and explode their liver. Worth a watch, both of them.


The Great Wall 2016 - Mat Damon got hired for a Chinese movie, not bad actually, good even, in a Lord of the Rings kinda way. My only criticism is that the colours of the uniforms for the various divisions of the Chinese army, seem to have been chosen from the Disney princess's fluorescent colouring book. Worth a watch.


Live at Night 2016 - not a Ben Afflict fan generally, his cruel face, angry face, concerned face etc, are all the same poker face, they call that acting. But overall the movie is a good 'un, Zoe Saldana - nice. Gangsters in Florida during prohibition. Worth a watch.

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