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And people who discuss governments / politics on Internet forums

Kofi Annan died today, previous Secretary General of the UN. A most remarkable person within the limited possibilities of his job. When I celebrated my 50th birthday ( not long ago,  lots of laughter

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Regarding Bannister's run, few people understand the medical aspect. It was a case of physiology understanding the problem to what then was thought of as limits and applying a solution to exceed them. Medical intervention without drugs so to speak. The lead up process was studied by physiologists for decades later and even refered to in early space medicine. Only reason I know was I'd hear about the process often as the son of a pysiologist and fanatic sportsman.

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Stephen Hawking - RIP, now that's a shame, really.


The greatest example, of someone that proved, to people who think they are better than everyone else, that they are wrong.

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A Brief History of Time - a layman's guide to cosmology.


It sold more than 10 million copies, "the most popular book never read".


Curious. I read it, quite fascinating though I would freely admit I didn't get some of it. Just takes another level of consciousness I think to grasp some of the details. Still it was quite enlightening if you are an open minded sort of person.

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