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A Spiked Drink In Nanaplaza


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Spot on.....are "We" part of the old Boy's Club...???


Maybe I should just cancel my "Membership"


Sorry to offend some twat that was so dumb (or stupid) to avoid the situation


Som nom na


24 hours


I await the response before I quit forever

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i'm beginning to see the old boy's club can be a bit sensitive at times. :drinking:


u don't have to quit because of me - i'm only here periodically. plus i'll buy you a drink or two and chuckle with ya over dumb people, though you'll never get me to ignore the genuinely cruel and vicious people in the world. not everything can be chucked up to stupidity, naivete, or whatever. at some point we'll all encounter something we're not prepared for. and i pity the people who don't - because it's those experiences that spark genuine growth.


i stand by my point - being drugged is nothing to trivialize or take lightly. no offense to anyone, and especially not you DS - you always struck me as one of the rather reasonable and funny people hanging around from time to time.


but no apologies either.



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