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I'm not Stryne.

But I'm gonna try the "yeah I had Covid, now I'm recovered and immune, so I don't need tests/quarantine or impediments to my access to lots of money" explanation, on my Visa applications when I make them.



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Oz governed already has it noses rub in shit. Courts said he was legal


It's all pr to mate the liberals look good

Mr Wood says Djokovic is not a direct risk to others; but the reasons for the government pursuing action against him are that his being in Melbourne will excite anti-vax sentiment 

Mr Wood says the minister, Mr Lloyd acknowledges that Djokovic assumed he entered Australia with the correct documents but the purpose has changed, that it will excite anti-vax sentiment by him remaining in Australia, and Melbourne

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An observer's view.

The Aus govt has handled this poorly, on the basis of a, or several, incorrect decisions.

the other side:

Djocovic has rule breaking form, hitting line-girls with balls, intentionally and then being banned from that U.S. tournament.

There are more, use Google 

Djocovic said "I had a positive test" ergo I am immune and thereto, that is the same as being vaccinated, but I will not get a vaccine. Aus Tennis, in their eagerness to lick Djocovic's wedding tackle, granted (through mates in Govt), an exemption to the rules so the Tennis event would proceed.

Problem: Djocovic in the days around the claimed test, was flying around Europe and elsewhere to appear in any publicity he could, the day after the positive test, instead of isolating, or any other sensible measure, he was at an event for kids, and was face adjacent with many of them, for selfies.

I bet he didn't say, "Sure, I can do a Selfie, I just had a positive Covid test, but I don't believe in any of that, quick more photos..."

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