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Actually BS (British Standards) are more strict than European Standards and most of EU Standards (IEC, IEEE etc) are an adaption of BS.   The UK did quite OK before we joined “Johnny Foreigner†w

I, Donald Trump, look forward to not meeting anyone in Britain, England I'd like to start by thanking myself bigly for finding the time to talk to you at this press conference. As many of you wil

I post this only to note, that Boris at least has some class :: Boris Johnson refuses to comment on 'royal showdown' Can you imagine Trump, not commenting, on something like this, if it were

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Britain is now officially a country where the tale wags the dog.

Last night on Channel 5 there was a period drama about Ann Boleyn, Henry VIII second wife who was beheaded in 1536.

The lead role is played by a Coloured Actress “for diversity” notwithstanding the fact that the first recorded person of colour in the  UK wasn’t recorded until 1593, over 50 years later.

So, not only a Coloured Ann Boleyn to keep BLM and the wokes happy but the character is also lesbian to boot to tick the LBGT box, so a Straight White real person from history is depicted as a Coloured Lesbian, yes very historically correct NOT.

Imagine the outrage if Tom Hanks was cast as Martin Luther King or Meryl Streep as Rosa Parks, they would be torching movie theatres.

And only today Met Police Chief was asking for Positive Discrimination for more Coloured in the police force, forget the fact that many are unfit to join  the police, we should let them because of the colour of there skin and be recruited before white applicants who are qualified for the position.

The Coloured population of the UK is only 3% yet they are claiming 10%+ representation.

I am glad I got out, it I still lived there I would burst a blood vessel.

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53 minutes ago, baa99 said:

... and in Shakespearean times men played the women roles! Seems you should have got out of little britain centuries earlier. :spin:  

That was not a deliberate attempt to re write our history and brainwash people into accepting Britain has always been a multi cultural society with blacks pervading all levels of it, even up to queens, courtiers and the aristocracy, it's a lie. The very few examples always turn up because there are no others, John Black Henry 8th's trumpeter being one that gets picked out the most. The most laughable example was depicting George 3rds wife Q Charlotte as black in Bridgerton, One of her ancestors might have married a moor from N Africa 500 years and 22 generations before did not make her black. It's not only this but when black actors are cast in roles it's almost never in a negative one, they can no longer be murderers, rapists or thieves without some sort of get out, usually a white one. eg Lenny Henry in Broadchurch whose character was suspected of rape, all knew that was just not possible. The rapist was uncovered as mixed, looked like half Turkish but it was a middle class white male who forced him to do it!


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1 hour ago, baa99 said:

... and in Shakespearean times men played the women roles! Seems you should have got out of little britain centuries earlier. :spin:  

That was a reflection of Elizabethan Society, 

Today White Woman are not Banned from playing White Women, Capisce!

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The Elizabethan period is also based on land, that is not included in the continental USA and therefore so unimportant, as to be, not worth interrupting, one's mouth full of cheeseburger, to consider...

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