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5 hours ago, Mekong said:

What is Dubious about Gibraltar or the Isle of Man?

Dear Sir,

may I deeply and seriously apologize for any possible insult I might have brought upen affiliated overseas  territories of the British Empire. It must have been a sudden attack of endless naivity that has taken possession of my simple mental structure. I am shattered.


During a previous period of Asia-related trading a Chinaman and myself used a HKG based outfit to absorb profits which were then transferreed to Gibraltar and finally Switzerland. Where I later declared taxes in conjunction with a beautiful tax amnesty law invented by finance secretary Mr Eichel whom I again full of deepest gratitude may heartily and repeatedly embrace at this moment with the sweetest memory possible.

Point is that in and on Gibraltar it has been and still is possible to hide shareholders and directors behind a curtain of nominees and such. Although I may recommend to use Cyprus or Malta these days because other than Gibraltar they are not only dubious but thoroughly crooked and further belong to the EU.

Which brings us back to Mr. Banks. Why on earth should the most honourable Mr. Banks use a probably anonymous Gibraltar company to collect financial resources to cheat the British public instead of using a UK account round the corner. Questions arise, somebody preferred Gibraltar. It was not me this time.

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hereby I may officially confirm that the usage of for example Cayman based companies rates under Mother Theresa-like activities and signals nothing but pure innocence. It is the natural beauty of the Carribean that attracts so many noble industrialists from Russia and sucessful  members of the Chemical industry f.e. from Columbia. I fully agree that operating offshore as such means nothing illegal as long as the operator has nothing to hide. Which in case of the Gibraltar-funded Brexit activities  leaves questions unanswered ( so far ) . I do even withdraw my judgement that Gibraltar as such appears to be dubious, it only supports dubious people and their activities.


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The reason why I, along with many other, Brit expats have “offshore accounts” is because the British Governement in their wisdom do not allow us to have UK Bank Accounts if we are “Non-UK Residents” for tax reasons (i.e. No assets in the UK), in fact we are alao barred from  making payments into our pensions so we are on our own.

I know where you are coming from about dubious practices etc but not all people that use them are up tp dubious practices. No skin off my nose Banking  wise just switched my UK account (which I have had since I was 5 years old) to the Isle of Man, never even been the  branch, all done online. 

BVI, was rather easy to register a company there, again the UK call it X wouldn’t allow me to have an account or Business, Y where I had business dealings with at the time needed a registered company so I chose Z British Virgin Isles, I was doing the work and invoicing just needed a registered company to clear my invoices through, nothing more nothing less, plus it is pretty cool to have a BVI registered company for further contracts    ...     Sort of “Oh My God he has BVI don’t fuck with him” haha bollox, it was a port in a storm €1,500 to set up but still useful today.

I am not tax avoiding even thou I have the mechanisms to do so if I wished, dubious as you said. I pay my PIT (Personal Income Tax) where I work and make declarations to Thai Tax authorities twice a year. Costs me nothing to be whiter than white, Im I’m getting close to hanging up my boots and last thing I need is to be disturbed with my feet up with a major tax bill, Check Bin Ka is enough to scare me haha 

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Mr Mekong,

your comment comes as a big relief. Did I first rate you as possible acquaintance of South American drug dealers I now fully understand your motivation to avoid unsuitable contacts with the UK inland revenue. Until recently, and this is confidential, I held Portuguese property by Gibraltar based offshore companies to avoid local property sales taxes. Not exactly nice but legal. On a sidenote, most lovely Pam working in a Thai Spa, sort of, did not even understand my point when I previously asked her about paying taxes of whichever kind. Next time I shall mention your efforts to correlate with Siamese tax laws, but she won´t understand.

Edit: Gibraltar companies are not offshore any more by definition.

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And Yorkshire, you can’t leave Yorkshiremen out, even to this day they still go on about the Battle of Orgreave (1984 during the Miners Strike), I should know I work a guy who is “ex down pit” in that era. Haha showing my age now, still rember clearly going to Miners Benefits gigs, Billy Bragg, John Cooper Clarke etc 

OK serious now and try to answer Steve.

The 2016 United Kingdom European Union Membership Referndum, commonly known as British Exit or Brexit, was a simple, or should have been a simple “Shall we leave the club” vote, i.e. turn the clock back to pre 1973 when we joined the European Union. Thai is what the YES Vote (Brexiters) wanted and the NO Vote (Remainers) were against. 

What May is proposing does not follow the simple Exit which was voted for and is making many concessions to try to appease both sides but has ended up upsetting both. 

I am not fully au fait with all the technicalities since TBH it is non of my concern, I got out over 25 years ago, but some of the sticking points seem to be the Irish Border, why not just repatriate the island FFS, legacy of 1921 Partition, oh can’t do that that would be seen as giving in to the Republicans

Another one is United Kingdom woulld still be subject to EU laws for an indefinite period after “Brexit” but would have no say I. The lawmaking policy, totally against what was voted on in the Referendum I.e. a clean break 

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heading for the hard version of the Brexit I believe we have the duty to prepare the kingdom for glorious times ahead. Chief Brexit engineers Farage and Johnson seem to have temporarily evaporated and I therefore wish to propose as follows:

First to establish Viceroy Boris of Burma and revitalise the East India Steamship Company with daily services Southampton-Axandria-Suez-Bombay- Rangoon , proceeding to Hongkong after elimination of the Chinese.

Establish an emergency committee identifying a subject or an object that replaces the EU as main culprit for anything that goes wrong in future.

Establish Keith Richards as main  Brexit Coordinator. The man survives anything.


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