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The member known as DumbCunt


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DumbSoda, or DumbCunt as he became known as, passed away last night after a war with the Big C. 

Was one of the characters of the board and expats, 

I loved him, loved his family,  

Remember many a good day and night with him. 

Going to the "Pink" house in Sawang, sitting around "Stumps" bar there, and one of our then 14 year old kid driving to collect/rescue him at 3 am from a venue of ill-repute. That last one is worth telling over a beer. 

Was a classic Mad Ficker of an Aussie with his humour, and boy, he could really piss people off, 

But I've only met very few here as loyal as him, when the shit hit the fan, he'd be the first there

The parts not commonly known here, 

He settled down in later years with a stunning wife and their child who he loved as a daughter not far from where I lived up in Sakon Nakorn.

Much loved by my family and especially my son, they had a special friendship that spanned 50 years age gap like two bad lads having a laugh, Every Christmas he'd pop over and hand every kid 200 baht to go buy something special at the local Lotus. 

RIP Mate, I really miss you, 



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I'll second MPIH.

For all his faults and misadventures, DC was loyal to a fault.  I will really miss you, my friend.

I spoke to him about a week ago, and despite his diagnosis and outlook, he remained optimistic and upbeat.  He truly adored his wife and stepdaughter, and to their credit they stuck with him and supported him to the end. 

Rest in Peace mate

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