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The Covid-19 thread


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The National Vaccine Institute (NVI) has apologised for slow Covid-19 vaccine procurement and says it is prepared to hold talks to join the Covax global vaccine sharing scheme.

The apology came after the government weathered heavy criticism over its failure to procure enough vaccines as infection numbers continued to soar, with a record 13,002 new cases reported on Wednesday.

Speaking at the Public Health Ministry, NVI director Nakorn Premsri said the agency tried to contact vaccine manufacturers in August last year and place advance orders even though the vaccines were in research trials.



Talk about locking the stable door when the horse has bolted, AZ told them this since day one.

Also an interesting Wiki article on COVAX, Thailand is the only Asian Country not a member, even North Korea is a member 


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11 hours ago, Coss said:

Mind you I've been having all sorts of stuff cut out of my body, in multiple visits to the hospitals, due to malignant Melanoma, so with all of that and the lovely drugs, I'm not sure I'd notice Covid...

That's entirely possible.

The only reason we know I had COVID-19 is that, after a few days of what looked for all the world like an asthma exacerbation that was a bit more recalcitrant than usual (but nowhere near the worst I've seen, even in the last few years), I picked up an entirely-unrelated opportunistic bronchitis and coughed up a mouthful of green slime.

I've been under standing orders for decades: when that happens, see the doctor and get antibiotics started, before the bronchitis gets a chance to put me in the hospital.  (It has happened.)  So I went in.  The doctor ordered the antibiotics, agreed that this was almost certainly an asthma flare, but insisted on swabbing me for COVID-19 anyway, since I am one of the patients considered to be at sky-high risk for a bad outcome *IF* I get COVID-19.

I emphasize at this point: I had NO symptoms, at any point, that clearly indicated a viral infection.  No fever, no chills, no muscle aches and pains, NOTHING.  The ONLY thing out of the ordinary was a funny taste in my mouth, and that could have been ANYTHING.  I think we were both surprised a few days later when the test came back positive.  (Interestingly enough, another COVID-19 test, taken the same day as the first, came back negative.  The test depends on the swab actually catching something.)

If it hadn't been for the bronchitis, we would never have known I'd had COVID-19.

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15 hours ago, Mekong said:

...NVI director Nakorn Premsri said the agency tried to contact vaccine manufacturers in August last year and...

...but the phone wasn't charged, and there were brown envelopes to collect....

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The Protocol Division of the Royal Thai Armed Forces is being probed and criticised for seeking a special allocation of Moderna vaccine for its personnel and their families.

Deputy spokesman Maj Gen Teerapong Pattamasingh Na Ayuthaya said late on Thursday night that an investigation was underway into the decision by protocol chief Col Yutthasak Promtha to make a special request for a supply of the vaccine against Covid-19.

The probe came after a letter dated July 19 and signed by Col Yutthasak was leaked and published on social media.


Talk about an Us and Them society

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I met a mate here in NZ yesterday, whilst at the local mall, he'd just had his 1st shot of Pfizer.

He was muttering about untested RNA vaccines and he's been known for favourably considering the views of the antivaxxers. 

I didn't have time to disabuse him.

Given that he's a profligate drinker, like a chain-smoker but with ethanol, I'm not sure the virus or the vaccines will have time to get him, it'll be the sips from the hip flasks, every second step and minute,  that get him.

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Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has estimated the intense Covid-19 situation will affect the country for the next two to three weeks or four weeks at most, said Deputy Public Health Minister Sathit Pitutecha.

Mr Sathit said Gen Prayut told this to a cabinet meeting on Tuesday where the PM added that relevant agencies must let people know the reality of the situation.

The country has logged more than 10,000 new cases daily in recent days with daily fatalities frequently topping 100.


What will he do when it isn’t over, charge it with LM?

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Excellent news.

Incubation period for Covid 19  taking about 6 days and average duration of sickness being 3 weeks, the last case of infections in the kingdom would then be today or tomorrow. Infections would sort of be hit by a sudden death, just gone.

Did he talk to Trump over the phone ?


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