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The Covid-19 thread


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Thailand has only vaccinated 6.8% of the population and forecasts show that figure will be 10% in another 10 weeks.

Meanwhile General Pinocchio claims the country will be fully vaccinated by October and “Open for Business”

Data Source.  

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There is a lot of Anti Government feeling in Thailand but people are too scared to come out and say it, as one commentator elequently put it “The UK are coming out of Lockdown, it the death rate rises the PM will be sacked, in Thailand the PM won’t enforce a national Lockdown, people are dying and in you protect the PM has you arrested” 

The Government is giving 2,000 THB social handouts to those in need, registration via Government App, as a Tuk Tuk driver said, “I am struggling to buy Lunch let alone a smart phone” 

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10 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

Says  the hairless oracle-monk  and prospects are bad.  He ain´t wanking or what do you think?


He's refusing to walk anywhere until they all do what he says. He tried holding his breath and going on a hunger strike but as you can see,  he's no longer blue or thin...

Aussies, same same NZ, big hard core contingent of antivaxxers. Most of whom are queuing to be vaxed now, but the actual issue is supply. No matter what the politicians say, NZ in particular and Oz too, are way down the delivery list, after places like USA &c.

A recent exchange between, our politician man for the vaccine and a jouno went approximately like this.

Journo: I've been told that vaccine supplies will run out as early as Friday...

Politician; I am confident that our vaccine program is running to schedule.

J: but what if the vaccines run out?

P: Theres a really significant delivery on Tuesday.

J: How many?

P: I'm sorry I don't have the numbers in front of me, but is really big.

J: I've also been told that the next delivery is 15,000.

P: We are pleased that the vaccination roll out is on schedule and as deliveries arrive, they slot into the roll out as planned.

J: we are 5 million people, will you be able to get enough vaccines to accomplish herd immunity?

P: the mass vaccination phase is on track to start at end of July.

and so on

Explanation or for young people, 'Explainer': NZ can't get enough vaccines, cause we're a small country down at the bottom of the world, who despite boasting of 1st world status, is really more like 1.5 or 1.8 world status. We're just lucky we've got  a big moat and few international airports.

Aussie, = similar, not quite 1st world, but ahead of NZ by about 45 centimetres.

When I got my first jab (underlying health issues) the place was set up to handle rock concert sized crowds, but had about 15 people getting vaccines. If they had a huge supply, surely they could utilise the space they've set up?

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"There is a lot of Anti Government feeling in Thailand"

Yes, that is what I am seeing/hearing as well. I recently heard "The PM should resign over this covid debacle" from someone who usually doesn't want to say a bad word about the gov.
Of course the PM will not resign. I would even go as far as to say that if he loses the next election, he may well  cheat (again!) to stay in power.


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