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Those were the days before Facebook, Google. Forums had a big role. I remember, late Lao Huli, had 930 posts in one month. pattaya127 had 650. At that time, Fidel Castro had 11 more years to rule Cuba.

Somebody had posted, from  the Admin of Delphi board explanation that the board (Delphi) was a good idea but pop ups and ads were a bad idea. Can't remember now if that was the reason for their demise and if nanaplaza.com took off to replace that board.

Today, if this board (bar the links in the US tread) if it can get 100 posts a month altogether, that is where the board is.
Those were the days when we thought a wider audience would come. They did, but to other, easier to use and more attractive media that did not exist during the nanaplaza.com best days.

And now (for some time already) everything available to anyone, anywhere. Too much information, too much choice, the public has no other way than to go by "likes" and ratings.

Thai has been photographed from all angles, 100s of millions of pictures. A single board like this one, with back legs in the Internet infancy 20 years ago, stands a very small chance.

Good that someone is maintaining it, if the time comes, tell us when the lights go off.

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Hello die hards still on this board. My daughter (16) Thai mother, we live in Japan. Her own Fender Jazz Bass. She is educated in music, piano, has it at home. Plays anything by notes.

Oh don't use facebook, it gets people in a lot of trouble, Mrs uses it to post pics of her food 🙄

Hi, Hadn't checked that site in some time. Not sure what happened. Will have to check with Jigger. Sanuk!  

I thought Delphi banned us?

I ran a competition on the Nanaplaza board for a few turns for best photo

Plenty of boards came after Nanaplaza

Nothing wrong with a board for mongers either, if you wanted something else go there was always my thinking.

Some good people I met, too many passed away shows my age


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>I thought Delphi banned us?

Don't fully recall. I remember they started charging for access to the Delphi boards and used ours as one of the ones to test people's reactions.
Our reaction was to quit Delphi and setup our own board. This board is still here, no clue what happened to Delphi boards, but my guess they are no longer around.


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