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Mate of mine just got back from his first trip to LOS and reckons he went so close to shagging a ladyboy.

Looked like a lady, talked like a lady, walked like a lady, dressed like a lady. He said It wasn't until we drove back to her place and she did a perfect reverse park he thought "Hang on a fucking minute"

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The one in Siem Reap was no good so I sent him away, only later understanding, in my drunken state, that a: they were a ladyboy and b: the significance of getting a bad blow job from a lady boy.


short bad joke : a baby seal walks into a club..

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An Aussie and a Maori walk into a bakery.
The Aussie steals three pastries and slips
them into his pocket. He turns to the Maori and says "pretty slick aye bro, the owner didn't even see me". Unimpressed the Maori replies "typical dishonest Aussie, bro I’m gonna show you the honest way and still get the same result". The Maori calls out to the owner of the shop and says "bro I want to show you a magic trick" intrigued the owner obliges. The Maori asked him for a pastry and he eats it. He asks for another and eats that to. And the another which he eats also. By now the owner says "c'mon mate where's the magic trick?" The Maori points to the Aussie & replies “now check his pockets". 


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And of interest, if height = merit,

then what do these photos say of the recent SEA leaders, visiting Biden?

All of them



Laos and Thailand



Laos and BIden



For making the funnies, I'm gonna be locked up next time I go to Laos...



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