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Kudos to her!!! Impeach Bidumb!!!

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene files articles of impeachment against Joe Biden

Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has filed articles of impeachment against Joe Biden the day after he was inaugurated as president.

The lawmaker, who has ties to the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory, took to Twitter to announce the move against the new president.

“I’ve just filed articles of impeachment on president Joe Biden, we will see how this goes," she said....


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America is a center left country. It's going to go farther left when Gen Z and Gen Y are older. That's how it is. Republican masses have showed the rest of us they have ZERO integrity the last 4 years. NONE. I am an independent and on a case by case basis would support a Republican. Not sure if I can find any. Maybe 2 or 3 these at the most. 

Marjorie Tayler Greene is a QAnon believer. That alone makes her batshit crazy. And the majority in her district as fucked up in the head as her. 

Interesting. Republicans said Dems filing impeachment the first time is a waste since it was never going to get a conviction. But Greene doing it is good? Notice we never get an explanation for this hypocrisy fellas? Notice it just gets ignored and move on to the next gaslight or deflection? 

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the azzclown in charge continues to fark up the USA...

Workers who leave unsafe jobs during the pandemic could still receive unemployment benefits under a new Biden proposal

  • The Biden administration wants to ensure that workers can refuse jobs that are unsafe due to the pandemic and still be eligible for unemployment.

  • In the executive orders released Friday, Biden lays out a plan for emergency economic relief.

  • The Trump administration had previously left this provision up to individual states.


    It's the individual states that pay unemployment, Bidumb continues his asinine crap...Let's say that next Bidumb will tell CS to pay the unemployment in Commiefornia, makes about the same sense, zero!!!

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3 hours ago, paul101 said:

where did that number come from?

I think that came from Wikipedia, but do a search and there are plenty more figures/sources


Looks like it was already 47% in first half of 2020:

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The idea that renewables can form all or most of our energy is a fantasy, and they do considerable environmental damage as well as using up coal and minerals which need mining and smelting. Nuclear power is the safest, cheapest source of energy with little environmental impact, yes we all know about Chernobyl but that was old technology done on the cheap.

A committed environmentalist exposing the renewable myth



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Maybe I'm bored or a masochist. But I have a few questions for the Trump supporters. I promise I will not ridicule or counter the answers. I am just curious as to questions I have at this moment in time with all that has happened so far. 

1. Do you still support Trump overall? A simple 'yes' or 'no'.

2. What is your opinion on the Capital building 'event'. 

3. What percentage of blame should Trump accept for the Capital building 'event' in terms of inciting them? Any range from 0% to 100% will suffice. 

4. Do you believe in the QAnon movement?


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