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back to the real world

vis Putin

Russia launches Kalibr missile in Sea of Japan, ‘hits dummy target almost 650 miles away’


Just like the little rocket man in Nth Korea, when you can't do anything to the USA, show them you think you can...

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The Thai 360 forum welcomes His Excellency President Kim Yong Un  from North Corea with greatest pleasure in Russia meeting his close ally and dearest friend President Wladimir Wladimirovich Putin. Two of the currently greatest bastards on the surface of the earth are obviously joining forces. Wladimir sticks in a dead end road with his fine army running out of grenades and probably Vodka and President Kim urgently needs electronic supplies for  his nuclear submarines. We wish them well.


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Curious as to the rest stops an old train might make on a journey to Putin-land, I came across Pont de l'Amitié  which is in Wiki  

... commissioned in 1959 as a replacement for a temporary wooden bridge. Located immediately downstream from the China–North Korea–Russia tripoint, the bridge is the sole crossing point on the 17 km long North Korea–Russia border. Planks are laid between the tracks making crossing of road vehicles possible by special arrangement, but it is primarily a rail bridge. The tracks are dual gauge because the Russian railroad system uses a track gauge of 1,520 mm (4 ft 11+27⁄32 in) while the North Korean system uses 1,435 mm (4 ft 8+1⁄2 in). The bridge is served by the Khasan railway station on Russian soil and Tumangang Station on the North Korean side of the river...

No words on the availability of online booking for tickets.

Attempts to contact the Tumangang border control office on the Nth Korea side have proved fruitless.

And the carpark looks empty, perhaps the Tuman Gang have been reassigned, or run away over the border...

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Russian dictator Vladimir Putin seems to have completely lost touch with reality and wants the Russian military to be armed with combat lasers and AI robots, Russian state news agency TASS reported on Dec. 19.

“I'm talking about robotic complexes and combat lasers, weapons utilizing artificial intelligence technologies and grounded in new physical principles," Putin said.

There's more to the story — the dictator s that there are purportedly already tangible “results” in these sectors, and the supply provision to the Russian occupation forces in Ukraine is showing signs of “improvement”.

Despite Putin's optimistic claims, the reality is quite different. Aside from acquiring Iranian drones, the Russian military's achievements have been limited, involving the request for defective shells from North Korea and the importation of golf-cart-like quad bikes from China, used even in assaults.

Moreover, Putin's pledge to roll out over 1,000 passenger liners by 2030, requiring the country's aviation industry to assemble two planes daily, speaks volumes about the realism of his ideas.

Yahoo true, https://news.yahoo.com/putin-wants-combat-lases-ai-162500046.html

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