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The Covid-19 thread

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MLG gives me daily updates on the burgeoning Covid infections in the homeland, family and friends are now worried, to an extent they were not before. I guest the govenrment has seen no benefit in hiding case numbers currently,  as people everywhere are succumbing.

Side note, local gossiping puts the entirety of the  Laos Covid infections at the door of a Thai lady who came and spread herself about in travel and entertainment excursions.

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The way things are at the moment,we’re more likely to die of boredom than a virus.

"Lastly, I'm going to get a check up and see if I have any level of diabetes since both my parents have it and I must be predisposed to it and other things like hypertension as well." CS, I

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My comment was based on research from the UK, since Cannabis is illegal there obviously no one smokes it, so they didn’t bother to research such.

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It is open if you have COE, $100k covid insurance and spend a few days in quarantine when you get here, better have a vaccination as well as not much chance of getting one here, unless you are Thai.

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Dozens of Pattaya monks perform prayer ritual to ward off Covid-19 in the city

All good - Buddhism is what keeps me liking Thailand.

Question, why the chairs?



And is the virus gone now?



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