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My Corona Diary December 2020 - 2021


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1 hour ago, My Penis is hungry said:

If only the window view was of the beach

oh yes, like this:


my beloved beach Hat Thung Wua Laen  near Chumpon.


After the view of the beach and the sea there is then morning coffee.
I chose this picture because you can just guess the beach and the sea in the background.


And then there is breakfast; Thai breakfast, of course.
Oh I miss my som tam with kau ni au, tom yam gung, tom yam pla etc..


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13 hours ago, My Penis is hungry said:

Smile you bastard in that photo, you will be back somewhere cold and lonely soon!

You expect a German to Smile   ...   More chance of winning the Lotto.

You need to tell a Fritzchen Joke     .....      Fritzchen is “Little Fritz” the German equivalent to our “Little Jonny”  Jokes.

Die Lehrerin fragt Fritzchen: “Wie viele Weltmeere gibt es und wie heißen sie?” 

Fritzchens Antwort: “Es gibt sieben und ich heiße Fritz.” 

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Mr Mekong I am normally not allowed by the starter of this thread to participate in any way which I duely respect in order to avoid building up blood pressure. Although:

Your Fritzchen-joke is impossible to translate into the English language due to absence of the " Sie" - word meaning to adress a person in a sort of polite way. The English language just has the " you " to offer. This particular joke would therefore be for ever unavailable to the Anglo-Saxon community, nothing to do with Brexit.

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The teacher asks Fritzchen: "How many oceans are there and what are they called?" 

Fritzchens answers: There's seven and my name is Fritz" 

Explanation: The teachers question had "wie heißen sie" which sounds just like the formal way of asking someone their name as well as what the oceans’ names are. Thus, Fritz says "my name is Fritz"

It is a German Joke.


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I would like to thank you for the profound and on the highest level led discussion about German humor.
I have the suspicion that Mekong has a completely different motive to point out the alleged humorlessness of Germans. Mekong claims that Germans are not even able to smile.

He claims:
„You expect a German to Smile   ...   More chance of winning the Lotto.“

With his reference to the alleged deadly-seriousness of the Germans, he merely reveals his hostility towards Germans, his Germanophobia.
Obviously, my dear Mekong, you have never seen or participated in a carnival session. There you can see and experience hundreds, even thousands of laughing and happy Germans.

Or visit the Oktoberfest in München.
Cheers to Gemütlichkeit, to cosiness, congeniality.

It's not worth going into it any further.


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Your comments are just enforcing the stereotype of German Humour.

What I said was tongue in cheek, stop being so sensitive and grow up.

Germanophobia, Haha don’t make me laugh, just recently I worked for seven years with a German Company in Vietnam and was involved in the Social scene 

Have you ever attended Oktoberfest Hanoi?

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