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My Corona Diary December 2020 - 2021


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7 hours ago, Mekong said:

Have you ever attended Oktoberfest Hanoi?

No, I have never been to the Oktoberfest in Hanoi.

But I have been to the Oktoberfest in Bangkok.
One of my German-speaking Thai friends is even on the organizing committee.
I present a few photos:


Before the beginning of the festival. The brass band is warming up. It is the brass band of the Royal Navy.
They also have a girlie; she plays the tuba. Good old Charly in the middle of the musicians. What do they play?
Bavarian brass music; you wouldn't believe it, real Oktoberfest music.


John Keats: On Beauty
A thing of beauty is a joy forever

The organizers hired 10 beautiful young ladies as serving girls. They were students, secretaries, doctor's assistants, etc. Each one is in a snazzy costume with dirndl and short skirt. But the best thing about you are your wigs. Every man in the hall smiled.
Sweet girls, you are the inspiration of the evening, you come into the ballroom like a whirlwind, you are the Bangkok girls with long blonde hair, your smile eclipses the sun. You bring the summer in my heart and I rev up. Everything goes skyward with these Bangkok girls. Me being a man of advancing years, an aging boy, and handicapped by a stroke with devastating consequences still had my fun with the pretty girlies.


Oh dear Bangkok Oktoberfest, finally start and never stop.
Girls, come to me when you're lonely. Come to me when no dream kisses you.
In soft night I spoil you with wild longing, and with hot heart I am there just for you.


They have the most beautiful legs, so slender and wonderful. I look at them and realize:

Kalkutta liegt am Ganges
Paris liegt an der Seine,
doch das ich so verliebt bin
das liegt an Madeleine.

"Calcutta lies on the Ganges
Paris is on the Seine
But that I am so in love
It's because of these pretty girls ....."

This is how the South Tyrolean Vico Torriani once sang in 1960 in his hit song that has become an evergreen.
(In the German text is always a rhyme).

Memories, sweet memories ...


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I'm calling once again from wintry Germany.

We have a freezing cold but sunny weekend behind us. In the night from Saturday to Sunday (13.2 to 14.2.) the temperature in the Hamburg area fell once again below - 12 degrees. In other parts of Germany, where there is a thick closed snow cover, temperatures were partly below - 20 degrees. bbbrrrrr ... cold. Ponds and lakes are frozen.

At the beginning of the week from 15.2. there are milder temperatures. Here in the Hamburg area only - 1 to - 2 degrees. I hope that it will be warmer soon.

Afternoon on 2/15/2021 in the Hamburg area. Temperature about - 1 degree. I dress warmly, put the scarf around my neck, put on my cap, put the camera bag around my shoulder and take my cripple club (walking aid) in my hand and leave the house. I turn left and march toward the outskirts of town and the Este River. The river is dammed there and the water forms a large pond, the so-called Mühlenteich, Mill Pond. This pond is located in a small park, which is very popular with walkers. The pond is almost completely frozen; a layer of ice about 6 cm thick covers the pond. The snow from a week ago melted during the day in the sunshine of last weekend, but the water and moisture form slippery and dangerous patches of ice. For me, as a hemiplegic and walking disabled person, this is very dangerous. But good old Charly is in good spirits and daring and strides along with good cheer.

I want to take a few photos of the frozen pond, rummage out the camera, make a few adjustments and carefully I go step by step down the steep embankment of the pond to get into a better position to take the ultimate picture 5555. And then it happens. I slip on the slippery ground and fall headlong down the embankment. I can break the fall with my left arm, but the fall is so violent that I fall on my face and hit my nose bloody.

There I lie now in my blood, me high-spirited little sausage. After a few seconds I realize that I can't get up on my own. I need help. To make matters worse, it starts to snow in thick, big flakes.

Fortunately, after about three minutes, a young couple comes by and helps me get up and up the steep slope.

I thank them warmly, knock the snow and dirt off my pants and jacket, put my cap back on and limp home. I take out the handkerchief and keep dripping the flowing blood from my nose. It snows thicker and thicker; after about 25 minutes I arrive home, white as a snowman.

Once again the old super hit of the Mamas and Papas comes to my mind, the one about "California Dreaming". The poetic persona dreams, yes beams himself or itself - I don't know - from the cold and wintry New York into warm and sunny LA.

I've been for a walk
On a winter's day
I'd be safe and warm
If I was in Soi Welcome
Soi Welcome dreaming, Soi Welcome dreaming on such a winter's day, oh yes.


Here you see the picture of misery.

Unshaven for over 6 weeks. Not been to the barber for 5 months.
All barber shops are closed for over 3 months - Corona related.


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Khun Fah would take care of me now.

The first thing would be she sends me to the barber, then a close shave.

Then she would take out the first-aid kit from my trolley. She would clean the wound with a cotton ball and then apply a healing ointment to the wound.

Khun Fah, I miss you so much.


That I have to erase this pretty woman's face is a felony, a crime!!!


As soon as the corona crisis is over and the world has returned to a state of normality, I will come to you. I promise.


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4 hours ago, Nasiadai said:

I don't understand. Who is Peg?

No, surely not.

Nasiadai, as I say to myself and also my Dad, small steps, we're not bush hunters anymore. I hope your nose doesn't hurt too much.


Jake the Peg was a character performed by the infamous Rolf Harris, back in the day, having three legs, he'd do a dance and sing a song.

I'm Jake the Peg, deedle, eedle, eedle, um
With my extra leg, deedle, eedle, eedle, um
Wherever I go through rain and snow, the people always let me know
There's Jake the Peg, deedle, eedle, eedle, um
With his extra leg, deedle, eedle, eedle, um

The day that I was born, oh boy, my father nearly died
He couldn't get my nappies on, no matter how he tried
'Cause I was born with an extra leg and since that day begun
I had to learn to stand on my own three feet, believe me that's no fun

 etc etc at http://www.songlyrics.com/rolf-harris/jake-the-peg-lyrics/




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4 hours ago, Coss said:

Jake the Peg was a character performed by the infamous Rolf Harris, back in the day, having three legs, he'd do a dance and sing a song.

I'm Jake the Peg, deedle, eedle, eedle, um
With my extra leg, deedle, eedle, eedle, um




Here was I thinking he was singing “Fiddle Diddle with yer’ Bum”

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