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Africans on Sukhumvit


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20 hours ago, Shibuya said:

It’s  heavily inferred that it was a result of the COVID vaccine and Stick follows that up with his own opinions on the jab. Anyone reading that would think he had his leg amputated due to the “severe adverse reaction” to the AZ jab. 

clumsy or deliberate


I don’t think it was deliberate, more the fact that Stick was showing empathy towards Dave who is a good mate and years back was his “partner in crime” around the Bangkok Nightlife.

But like it or not Stick is a public figure and some nutters hang onto his every word and no doubting a fair few of them will now be thinking “Vaccines cause Lower Limb Amputations, it’s TRUE because Stick said so”

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Come on Coss, the article did not say vaccinations caused amputations, what it did say is vaccinations could cause complications with diabetes.

The cause of amputation amongst diabetics is either Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) which is the thinning of the arteries which restricts blood flow or Diabetic Neuropathy which is nerve damage.

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You poor bastard, I hope you've now got some sort of immunity now.

Mind you, every thing is a bell curve.

It could be that you are at one end of the bell curve, in the "more susceptible" range.

Whereas, MLG is the kind of girl who can find some old pla ra, dried up in an open jar, in the back of a cupboard from 8 years ago, scrape it out into her Tam Mahk Houng (Som Tam) and after eating it, feel positively radiant.


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9 hours ago, Old Hippie said:

Just got over my 3rd case of covid though the cough persists…4 jabs…yeah, “…these vaccines…”

Never caught it. 3 jabs plenty of times had symptoms but tested negative. I even worked on a project for several months where the client was a medical supplier and we had to test daily before entering site.

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