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Africans on Sukhumvit


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3 hours ago, bust said:

As the saying goes, you're only as old as the woman you're feeling :p

I've been under the age of 40 for the last 20 years :wink:

Isn’t feeling your career against the law?

You are going senile posting the same thing twice within a few hours on 2 separate threads. Keep taking the meds she gives you.

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? That's odd. Board glitch :dunno:

I see what you mean. Might even be my laptop. I have noticed a annoying lag in it at the moment. I do remember though adding the comment and it not being visible when I returned to the topic so I added it again.

Time for an upgrade me thinks

Oh and I am not sure how to feel my career? 😋.

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On 11/17/2023 at 12:38 PM, buffalo_bill said:

Dear Sir,

at this point I wish to make it clear that me, Bubi of Germany , am the only  officially Thai-cabinet approved tourist ever to cross the Siam border blessed by the quality-tourist trademark. No laughing here. I did in fact spend a night with a  member (female)of aforementioned cabinet. Again no laughing here please.



reconsidering my post I realise that it implies some kind of insult on female Thai cabinet members which I deeply regret at this very moment . " Spending" does in no way refer to any activities related to  exchange of erotic activities . It does in fact only refer to 2 adjacent seats on Thai Airways, I may identify madame as Khun Sudarat, formerly buzy for the Thaksin cabinet in health related affairs. Some time ago, I may add.

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On 10/24/2023 at 1:36 AM, Shibuya said:

Know loads of people like this. Seemed to meet most of them around COVID with their galaxy brains and comments on closing Nana Plaza being devastating for the Thai economy.

Do these people ever even glance up at the skyscrapers clearly visible from lower Sukhumvit and wonder what exactly it is that goes on in there? 

spoke to one bloke recently who wondered aloud if Thai Airways was struggling financially because Orchard Towers in Singapore closed down and that’s how they made their money 

Thai airways is struggling largely due to mismanagement. They are hopefully getting their act together. As for the “economists” who speculate about the Thai economy based on what they see in Nana, my advice is don’t take any investing tips from them…

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