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13 minutes ago, My Penis is hungry said:

From the link you shared, 


< fruit. Treated as a distinct species of orange,>


So is it or isn't it?


Methinks it's not




Let me teach you the nuances of my native tongue of which you antipodeans speak a bastardised version of, bit not a bad as the Yanks.

DiSTINCT Definite, Recognisable,  Specific

SPECIES  Category, Group

So the comment means that it is a Specific Category of Orange therefore it is an Orange


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Heres the thing I first noticed when I came to THailand back in the 90's


The Örange"juice they sold on the streets


Mandarin Juice, as in very different tasting


I sometimes wonder if Thais even know what an orange is, 


Curiously, further reading suggests the oranges have been bred from Mandarins, 



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Dapper little man in a suit goes into remote outback bar. A bunch of the big brawny locals are all wondering what he’s doing there. Is he a taxman, farm inspector, sheep welfare official or some other goverment nosy -parker. Finally one big lad goes up to him : ‘g’day cobber, you a tourist orwhat?’

Man: ‘No actually, I.m looking to move here’

‘So what do you do?’

‘Actually I’m a taxidermist

‘A F##kin WHAT ?’

‘Oh, I like to stuff animals!’

Guy turns to his buddies ‘ Hey guys, it’s alright, He’s one of ours!

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