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Sukhumvit Soi 22


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I'm an Ice in beer fan. 40 degrees, in the shadow of the Cashew nut tree, whiskey glass size vessels, ice, beer Lao, and the tradition is that you all drink together, a toast and bottoms up.


The beer does not get left on the ice, it's consumed quickly and at maximum chill.


This allows you all to anticipate the next round. It's a good way to get the maximum effect on a hot day.


Those who don't use ice, get warm beer after 2 minutes, those who let the ice melt are not serious drinkers.

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Gentlemen ,


I am shattered . Most respectfully I may again introduce an elegant strategy that solves any related temperature prommpremm :


Ask for any sort of bowl whose interior diameter is bigger than the outer diameter a bottle of Singha and have it filled up with ice after they have put the bottle inside . The way people keep champagne cool . Procedure possibly involves sort of extra tip but also increases your social position in the establishment . Do not drink beer from bottles but from a glass . Do not put ice in beer . No good .

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For me, I have lived and worked for many years in Germany...I know a little about what I consider a good beer.


I have tried ALL Thai beers and they are not up to my liking.


I pay the few hundred extra Baht and go with some of the imported beers; Carlsberg and Asahi are OK for me.


I once had the Guinness in a can...not good! Guinness draft can be OK.

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