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Happy days for Mekong...

King Charles won’t give ‘olive branch’ to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry to join working royals, expert claims

As King Charles looks to the future of the British monarchy, the odds of him offering Meghan Markle and Prince Harry another chance to join the working royals are looking slim.

"The king’s message in his first speech was clear – he loves Meghan and Harry – but he was also clear that they’ve chosen a different life," True Royalty TV co-founder Nick Bullen told Fox News Digital. "They’ve chosen to grow their life overseas, in the States. He acknowledged that. His olive branch was simply, ‘I love you, you are very much a member of the royal family,’ as the queen said several years ago. But also made it clear – ‘You’ve made your decision on what you want to do, and I support you in that, but that’s your decision.’"...


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11 hours ago, Coss said:


How often do we actually get Proof?


Since 1  July 1837 when the death certify to was introduce in UK

Queen Victoria, Edward VII, George VI and now Elizabeth II have all had death certificates issued and published, it’s just that Elizabeth II was the first to pop her clogs in the internet age and also online

Under UK Law death certificates are public record, which means anyone can apply for a copy, you can bet your bottom dollar ell media outlets applied for a copy.


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Guardsman from Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral Found Dead at Army Barracks in London

An 18-year-old guardsman who walked with Queen Elizabeth II's coffin during her funeral just two weeks ago was found unresponsive Wednesday at army barracks in London.

Jack Burnell-Williams served with the Household Cavalry, having walked with the Queen's coffin from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch, before he was found dead at Hyde Park Barracks in Knightsbridge just before 4 p.m. local time on Wednesday, per The Guardian...

Burnell-Williams' death, while "unexpected," is not being treated as suspicious following an inspection, Metropolitan Police shared in a statement to PEOPLE. "Officers will assist with preparing a report for the coroner."...


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Is it anymore sad than the 20 people of the same age group who die daily in the UK.

Why not have over 20 headlines per day for people in his age group who died, or how about a headline for the approx 1,720 people who die daily. Thought not.

He walked alongside the coffin of some old bag who died from old age, big fucking deal, why the fuck this is headline news I don’t know, not as if he had a really important job such as The Official Royal Shoe Wearer  I jest you not


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