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2 hours ago, Mekong said:

Is it anymore sad than the 20 people of the same age group who die daily in the UK.

Why not have over 20 headlines per day for people in his age group who died, or how about a headline for the approx 1,720 people who die daily. Thought not.

He walked alongside the coffin of some old bag who died from old age, big fucking deal, why the fuck this is headline news I don’t know, not as if he had a really important job such as The Official Royal Shoe Wearer  I jest you not


I don't disagree. Another example of our wonderful news media grasping for news...sad indeed.

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I am reading some articles in German business papers about the financial crisis in the UK.
Lady Truss wanted to borrow heavily to cut taxes and duties.
This shocked the markets; the blame - it seems - was mainly on pension funds.
Millions of British pensioners are threatened with the loss of their life savings.
The British pound has plunged into the abyss.

The Bank of England had to intervene massively to prevent a total crash.
What is going on in British society, in the economy and in the British financial markets?
It is frightening, a chaos, a catastrophe.

Who among the British can still afford a Pattaya holiday?
Who should come? Who still has the courage to come in the face of the chaotic and frightening situation in Britain?

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If the proposed Tax cuts had of been fair and equal she would not have fell foul of the electorate, but they weren’t!

Her proposals were to cut the top band of Tax, scrapping the rise on Corporation tax for 19% to 25% as well as cutting capital gains and inheritance Tax

The too band of tax apples to over £150,000 per annum, the top 10% of earners, only business owners pay Capital gains and Corporation tax and inheritance tax is app.I able to estates valued in excess of £325,000.

As can be seen, not exactly a budget for your average household but great for the top 10% who most probably are conservative voters.

This is what put the shits up the global markets and caused the collapse of  GDP against USD. Many pension funds had / have investments in global markets hence the collapse of GDP causes investment losses.

To exacerbate problems further, with UK inflation at a 30 year high internet rates will increase. They have been historically low for the last 15 years, todays generation do not know of the 15% rate of the mid 80’s / early 90’s and are crying over increases to 2.5%.

It will go a lot higher, people will default on mortgages, houses will be repossessed, they just have to suck it up the Bank repossessed my house in 1988 when I could not afford the repayment at 15.75%  interest rate, I packed my bags and left. 

Who amongst the British can afford to travel? The sensible ones who don’t have UK Properties, Bank accounts or investments, the sensible ones who trade in USD and have offshore banking, there are a few of us about.

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