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5 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

The new Scottish chief  possibly looks to be a guy whose name is Humza Yousaf. I got a feeling the next move might be  King Murat or Queen Fatma.

As a 10 year old in Edinburgh, I remember meeting one of my dad's best mates, a Sihk, full turban etc and a thick Scots accent


I was a tad stunned


He'd have great grand kids by now

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On 10/26/2022 at 1:03 AM, buffalo_bill said:

May all be true and terribly bad, but obviously no better alternative available. Or is the problem that he is not white enough? Just a thought.

Strange how Bubi goes from accusing me of being racist to being racist in less than 6 months

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On 3/28/2023 at 5:11 AM, Mekong said:

Strange how Bubi goes from accusing me of being racist to being racist in less than 6 months

I was only asking if you think Sunak is not white enough. Quite an innocent question, colourwise. You did refuse to answer which makes me think that both our racist instincts are fairly similar. Could you imagine the Scotsmen assembling behind a chief who is muslim? Give me a break. The muslims have different loyalties. Does not make them bad people but de we really want to have them in charge of our Western world? I don´t. I know that Sunak is no muslim. Educated bloke with Western education etc, somehow acceptable. I mean, what kind of an idiot was your Bojo. Hope you get my drift, I don´t care anyway who is in charge of the UK. His Majesty is on state visit in Germany right now, he previously posted he wanted to be a tampon inside Camilla, nothing I really would subscribe to be honest but up to him. I raise my glass in your honour Sir accompanied by my evening cigar, hopefully airline ticket prices  shall go down soonest. I am desperately needed in Soi 8. For example.

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  • 2 weeks later...


So far I did never consider to spend my final days in the UK under the supervision of the NHS which is the National Health Service . Rumours have it that waiting for an operation might take a year or more and sick people might stay on the hospital floor due to lack of space . This is what I have read repeatedly.

I am a regular reader of the Stickman Weekly. The nightlife is of no interest to me but I like to get a certain feeling of what is happening at Sukhumvit. Last Sunday main issue has been a gentleman whose name is Dave the Rave, a guy I knew nothing about . Khun Dave describes himself as a born fighter having been with the Paras and been world champion in kickboxing or something, further survivor of numerous troublesome encounters in Siam plus several accidents. Plus a career of totally 22 years in the bar industry, highly praised by Khun Stick as a most reasonable person throughout. Read it if you want to know more.

Economically troubled by the Corona-problem Khun Dave finally decided to return to his motherland the United Kingdom. But not before somebody else kindly offered to pay for a oneway ticket on EVA, estimated cost probably in the region of 700 USD, guessing. Which sounds like Khun Dave appeared to be totally broke.

Back in the UK bad luck hit Khun Dave because due to a diabetes-related serious disease one leg had to be amputated. And now the interesting aspect is what follows:

Dave praises the NHS for providing him a " brand new house "  plus an electric kind of wheelchair plus endless benefits for the rest of his life.

Very well. Khun David having spent at least the last 22 years abroad we do not know if he did ever contribute anything to the UK social system nor if he did pay any taxes there. I am therefore fairly surprised about the generosity of the British health system which makes me ask the community if this is normal.

What is your comment, expats?


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My 10 bahts worth...

I'm possessed of small interest in Dave the Rave, but will  toddle off and read the Stick shortly.

To your question on the relative merits of someone getting lots of expensive health care and so on, having not paid into the system for long time, due to being otherwise engaged, in the pursuit of being a handsome man:

This is the same question that Kiwi millennials pose, on the idea that their taxes support the over 65 year old citizens, via superannuation. And the health system at large. I imagine that the UK and the Kiwi and the OZ systems, are all slightly different versions of the same Som Tam.

Firstly, it's not a system wherein benefits to an individual depend on what he/she has contributed. Though there is a residency requirement for superannuation in NZ, i.e. one has to be present in NZ for x= something, y+ something, ÷ something, to receive said pension. The health system is free to residents

It's a system that says society as a whole, wishes to contribute to those less well off, in the following manners... (insert benefits here).

My point to the millennials, is that we (the rest of us), have paid for their parents and grandparents,  pensions and so it's part of being all grown up now, for them to do the same. Some of these millennials, are the reason the term 'man-baby' was coined.

Further, this is also the same argument of the 'merican republicans, a group that seems impervious to logic, reason and shame. My point to them is, look at the population, as if it is a dairy farm, if you keep all the cows healthy and happy they will remain productive or even become more productive. Keeping  them healthy and happy, includes looking after the sick ones and the old ones. etc etc 

Bubi thank you for the discussion point, as we are all getting close to closing time, these matters are of import to many of us.

i.e. I'm 16 months from pension and intending to spend it, in the People's Glorious and Heroic Republic, over a period of (life span - 65) years.



Wot an AI thinks is the answer to Bubi's question, posted as an image so as not to provide fodder for the bots:




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