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Khun Mekong, in comparison to the British mess the Italian mess should take leadership in surrealism very soon. While the UK had to suffer from the simple unability of a single person the Italians voted for 3 absolute idiots to take over government, representing the 67th government since 1946. In comparison the Donald appears to be a serious statesman. Holy Lord.

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Where are all the Thai360 experts...guess we need to send Trump over to the UK to get it straightened out!!!

New UK PM Rishi Sunak is a child of privilege, married into almost $1 billion in tech money, and takes over a country struggling to afford heating

  • Rishi Sunak will soon become the new prime minister of the UK.

  • His family's wealth clocks in at an estimated $825 million, making him one of the richest people in Britain.

  • Sunak has drawn intense criticism for tax and visa scandals in the past.

Rishi Sunak is set to become Britain's newest prime minister, taking over from Liz Truss after her astonishingly short — and chaotic — time in office...

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He raised taxes & pension age during the cost of living crisis, stood against a windfall tax, refusing to call it such, wanted to hike corporation tax, has been silent for 6 weeks without saying a word about what he would do as PM.

Nobody voted for him. No one’s seen a mandate.

Oh and he said it was the right plan to cut universal credit & raise workers taxes! 

Remember when he tells you to tighten your belt:

-He is roughly worth £730 million 
-His father in law is a billionaire 
-A worker earning the median wage (£31,772) would need to have been working since the Stone Age 22,976 years ago to amass the same fortune (not including tax)

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You get what you vote for. Or not in this case...

Now that the USA seems to have started to sort it itself out, I can see my focus of entertainment moving to the UK.

The differences to me are obvious, the lead Comic in this new series,  is wealthy, has a brain and is brown not orange.

And isn't facing jail time on many many fronts.

So for me, the rich and the pretend-rich are fair game, I wonder if this guy will be as funny as the Mango Mussolini (now a Beer LINK).

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6 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

May all be true and terribly bad, but obviously no better alternative available. Or is the problem that he is not white enough? Just a thought.


Kirby Sigston Manor: Das Herrenhaus in North Yorkshire gehört dem neuen britischen Premierminister Rishi Sunak.

Nothing to do with the Colour of his skin, there are many “Non-White” candidates far more in touch with reality than Sunak.

He admires taking money from deprived areas to give to places where he lives “Funding they Deserve” Link

His billionaire wife claims “Non-Domicile” Tax status in the UK saving approx £11.6 Million in taxes Link

All though not proven, there are strong rumors that the photos which led to  the downfall of Boris were taken from Sunak’s balcony Link

Up until a years ago he was also a US Green Card holder, how can such serve on the cabinet of the UK government Link

So tell me would you be happy with a a lying backstabbed, an inverse Robin Hood wh steals fro the poor and gives to the rich who’s wife employs “Tax Avoidance” tactics to save millions to be the leader of your country.

It has nothing to do with the Colour of his skin

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OK...so what...can he do the job???

Rishi Sunak and his wife are richer than King Charles

Rishi Sunak, the new British prime minister, is likely the first person in that role to be richer than their monarch—but only if King Charles III’s personal wealth is defined in very specific ways.

Sunak and his wife, Akshata Murty, have been in the headlines for their fortune and their ultra-luxury lifestyle, even as the cost of living has been rising in the UK. The couple has a combined worth of £730 million ($800 million), according to the Sunday Times Rich List....


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