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An interesting twist to the Epstein thing:


Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein reportedly planned to blackmail the Queen over allegations around her son Prince Andrew.

John Bryan – the US businessman who had a four-year relationship with Sarah Ferguson – has made the claim in an interview with the Mail on Sunday.

Bryan believes Epstein blackmailed powerful men into giving him money in exchange for his silence over their behaviour.

He says Epstein's "ultimate" aim was to blackmail the Queen but believes Prince Andrew never gave Epstein the "ammunition" to do so.

"It was just an extortion plot," Bryan told the Mail on Sunday.

"People always ask how Epstein made his money. He was supposed to be this tax wizard. But it was all a con.

"He blackmailed rich men and then made them pay to avoid scandal. He made hundreds of millions of dollars this way.


The long arm of Queen Liz....

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Ahhh, the little Hewitt boy and his Attention Whore. Or should that be, the Attention Whore and her little Hewitt boy?

They'll milk the publicity (good or bad) for the next decades. They're a hard sell, but the marketing people won't let it rest.

Move over Fat Arse Khardashian...

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Of course the big reveal, when the publicity money, starts drying up, is the inconclusive DNA test,  then a year or two later, the conclusive one...

Does the Meghan one have any dangerous hobbies? Bicycling? Selfies on cliffs? Swimming in ocean? jeez the possibilities are endless. I wonder if Charles has the balls for it.

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