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after the general Afghan-catastrophy now has started to create a major headache for President Joe and also Madame Merkel we are further looking at the beloved Taleban facing an even more idiotic community than they are themselves, the Afghan ISIS association of disturbed characters. What a comedy, does anybody know on whose side Allah now stands? Following past logic the NATO would now join the Taleban and send them arms and ammunition. ( Again). Cheers.

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And the BuBi-oracle says: within the coming 6 months the Taleban shall realise that they neither have the manpower nor the money nor the knowledge to run a state. Shooting women and anything else that moves is a different thing, many of them cannot count til 10. So far their funds mainly originate from the drug-business, but there are many of the brave fighters watching the cash. Good luck to them all.

Joe fucked it up big time, desaster.

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Bush was too weakened at the end to end the war.  I'm not even sure he wanted to. The military-industrial complex is in the DNA of the Bush family. Obama ran on ending it and a combination of being completely lied to about the war by people within the military and government and him not having the political strength to end it, he left office with the war still going on but not to the same degree. Trump also wanted to end it in earnest, fair to him, and when he demanded it within to start the process, he was overtly lied to by the generals, CIA and depart of defense intelligence. 

Biden is an old hawk. He knew the bullshit because he was part of it. He was going to end it no matter what and he's paying a political price for it. The media, both sides, are making him pay a dear price. The fact of the matter (and James Carville says as much) is that we lost the war. The war was lost a few years ago in earnest. Afghanistan isn't called 'the graveyard of Empires' for no reason. No one has been able to conquer the place. Ah..er..I am wrong. Only one thing has been able to conquer Afghanistan and that is Islam. Islam took about 300 years give or take to convert them and the moslems going there and the ones staying there paid a very heavy price. They suffered a lot of kidnappings, deaths, etc. So, unless you are willing to fight ongoing for a couple centuries, you're going to win. These people live a very rough life generationally, so hardship is encoded in their genes. They can wait you out and while doing so, will hit you and when you counter that they figure out a new soft spot. 

And when you lose a war, the exit is never, ever smooth. You don't dictate how you leave a war you don't win. Saigon, the last Nazis trying to spirit away to Argentina, Brazil or where ever. The Japanese soldiers able to leave the many south Pacific islands after their comrades made suicide advances. 

Could the exit have been smoother? Absolutely. Could the exit been smooth. Absolutely not. How America leaves isn't nearly as important as leaving. In such exits there are always going to be a civilian population left hanging. Ask the French women who sold ass to the German officers in Paris. 


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