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Thailand Pass set to replace CoE


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Having a look at https://tp.consular.go.th

I can't tell what it was developed in, or by,  I've been out of this for 10 or more years and the game has moved on, I reckon.

Someone brighter than me, might know more.

I used to be able to examine the code and find references to the editor used.

All I can see on a cursory look, is that they use a lot of Google referenced things, but then most systems do these days, like google fonts and captcha...

I'd put money on the malfunctions, being the fault of the client (usually marketing because they know everything), not thinking through, the user flow.

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I went through the form and filled it out for a friend, a Mr Tamron Tripod Mount, staying at Nok's B&B etc...

Of note 


Have I ? Could I ? Is this an order ? Or a question ?




Have to click 'add more' to add a country, no option for none, presumably leave as is, blank = none...






Gonna be some confused folk when they read this one

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An aside, Though I'm a Mac boy, I paid $40 for a legit license of Windows 10 just recently,  to run DCS world on.

After 30 years, of never paying for software, as it's just too easy, to install free, I finally, in my oldness, gave them their shekels.

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The unstable Thailand Pass has caused inconvenience for tourists, while tourism operators urge the channel to seek help regarding registration.

Ratchaporn Poolsawadee, president of the Tourism Association of Koh Samui, said since the Thailand Pass was activated as a replacement for the certificate of entry (COE) on Nov 1, the association has received a lot of complaints from tourists seeking help from tour operators after facing technical problems with the system.

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Some hotels are deceiving visitors from overseas, taking room reservations but omitting transport from the airport and Covid-testing, which means they must buy a new package on arrival or be rejected.

Apisamai Srirangson, a spokeswoman for the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration, said on Monday that some hotels misled visitors and booked them only for the room.

The charge did not include a limousine service from the airport to the hotel or the RT-PCR Covid-19 test on arrival, even though both were required as conditions of entry on a Thailand Pass.


  1. These hotels must be Government approved to get SHA+ rating, the Government and TAT are as much to blame for allowing this to happen
  2. Typical Thai Business Ethics, never miss an opportunity to skim the foreigner. Do they really want tourism to recover
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Came in through the Thailand Pass scheme on Thursday. Must say, it was a pretty painless process.
Uploaded my documents (yes, JPG is still very widely used online), was able to use my soc sec in lieu of getting travel insurance, and received confirmation after about 1.5 days.

Had some problems with the hotel reservation as they requested additional documents the morning of the day I departed. A bit of back and forth as I was not happy sending them a photo of my passport :(
Then I asked me to fill out a form approving them to withdrawn the payment from my credit card. That form included ALL my credit card info. Needless to say I refused. Paid them via bank transfer instead.

At Suvi the process was pretty straight-forward. After getting off the plane you are told to sit down while they check if you have the required docs (passport, boarding pass, Thailand Pass, RT-PCR test). Next you come to a small booth where they actually check the documents, before proceeding to immi and baggage claim. Total process took about 15 min.

Was then picked up by a limo from the hotel where another RT-PCR test was done (btw, is it a Thai thing to stick that thing up your nose so far they reach brain matter? Both tests done in TH were very uncomfortable, no such issue in NL). Got a negative result about 8+hrs later and was allowed to check out and go home.


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Thanks for the info KS. I was scheduled to fly in on Nov 12 but an urgent work requirement had me fly to Denmark for a week which meant delaying until Dec 2. Company is picking up the bill for my lost hotel/PCR test and insurance. First time around the TP took about 5 days, that was right at the beginning of the scheme. Last Monday evening I filled in the TP application again and woke up Tuesday morning with the email in my inbox to say it was approved, barely 12 hours.

I will stay at the Hyatt Regency on Suk who partner with Bumrungrad, hopefully all will be smooth.



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