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Any New Jokes


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Benny Hill never did anything for me, I found his humour puerile and he made a career from basically telling the same repetitive joke. You have seen one sketch you have seen them all. There were far better comedy shows on British TV at the time such as Dave Allen, Two Ronnie’s and Monty Python to name just three.

Same with Rowan Atkinson, Mr Bean is shite and Black Adder is just Edmund Blackadder slagging off Baldrick not only in every episode but over 4 Series 


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I feel the same about Kiwi and Aussie Humour, whilst here is some good stuff, the most of it is not.

It must the the perversity of home advantage....

Humour ranked in order of excellence:

1. British 


2.5. American

3. Stryne

4. Kiwi

9. Russian


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Hasn't been any good Aussie humour for a long time, 


Kiwi's do have some funny TV shows, I liked the one about the vampires, and also the one about the school teachers


I like all the british humour mostly, 


Dave Allen was wonderful, but I also loved Benny Hill, 2 Ronnies and the hardware skit is one fo the best ever, 


American humour I think I place after Russian


Is there any Riussian humour?


I've seen some good Russin Sci Fi movies


Sputnik is a good one, look it up

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