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Future of this board


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On 7/24/2019 at 1:15 AM, buffalo_bill said:

I would let it run til everybody is dead.

Fortunately I made some printouts from the early days around 2002 when the board was in full swing. There are some gems which make me think the internet also has positive aspects.

Time flies.....almost 20 years since I joined.

I suggest to lock it, much less effort required on KS part and editing stupid comments. 

20 years is a long time and nothing stays the same.

What a shame...


( Now that I been permanently terminated , I have more time to visit LOS. Returning in November.  China Airline. Glad I passed on Hong Kong Airlines despite how much I love Hong Kong.

Nothing stays the same what a shame.)

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16 hours ago, khunsanuk said:

Actually, the effort is pretty minimal nowadays.

My dear Khun Sanuk, your workload for this board will continue to decrease in the future.
The Euro is falling and the British pound is weak, too.
Fewer and fewer Europeans will be able to afford a holiday in Siam in the near future.

The ECB has lirarised the euro definitively through the "rescue measures". It has degenerated into a soft and junk currency.
The external value is gradually but steadily falling into the abyss. In the first years after the introduction of the euro, the world believed that the euro was an enlarged DM and that the ECB functioned like the former Bundesbank. In the first years 2002 to approx. 2006 there were 50 and/or 52 Thai Baht for the euro today less than 34!!!
That is a depreciation of more than a third. This will soon be too expensive for me as well.

I come back in January 2020 foe three months. But I think that will be the last time.



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15 hours ago, Nasiadai said:

 It has degenerated into a soft and junk currency.


In case you have some of that junk currency you want to get rid off, let me know.


I always wonder under what circumstances some people live at home if they find Siam expensive. Ticket prices went down over the years anyway and a decent meal is available even BKK downtown at maybe 300 Bht and half of that countryside. Prices for ladies´ services and booze are said to have increased but try that lifestyle at home .

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On 8/23/2019 at 12:54 PM, Nasiadai said:

I come back in January 2020 foe three months. But I think that will be the last time.



You may say that now but things can change.  I have not been to LOS for a couple of years (hanging around the Caribbean now) but I may return to LOS soon. 

As far as the future of this board is concerned,  I think it depends a lot on cost vs benefit.  It would be too much to run a board like this if you are losing money.   I been posting on this board before it became Thai360, since the late 1990's and I hope it stays active.

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On 8/11/2019 at 10:00 AM, Stickman said:


No, that's complete nonsense that it is poorly run and moderated. I'd actually say it is far and away the best moderated board.

Social media changed things a lot, and the mix and profile of expats in Thailand has changed markedly too.


Hasn’t it just, I was just taking a walk down memory lane and it’s unrecognizable from when I 1st came here 13 years ago. God knows what it’s like for people who have been here 20+ years

The world changed, Thailand changed and maybe not all for the bad.

When I first came here I would meet people in small pubs on Soi 4 who owned shares in bars in Nana Plaza, who were not members of organized crime syndicates. Can you imagine such a thing like that now?

I remember meeting people who sold fake handbags on eBay and pirate DVDs to the U.K for a living, something that would be unfathomable to today’s expats.

None of my original crew from 2007 are in Bangkok anymore, not a single one of them. Some died, some went home and quite a few moved to Chang Mai and spend their days posting hateful things about Muslims on Facebook.

im feeling strangely nostalgic for Soi Zero and Sukhumvit 1 plaza today 


oh well 



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Dear Sir,

looking into the future,  let us say 2035, I can see TH360 members complaining here about BKK being no more the wonderful city it has been in 2019 and flashermac talking about a war in Vietnam and what BKK has been like at that time. Panta rei, as the Greeks used to say : All is in constant motion. Although I have to admit that I am almost in tears when I see the small shops between the Sofitel and Lobbinson disappear. Rolling along Suk in my wheelchair in 2035 I might praise the quality of the sidewalk explaining my nurse how much this has improved since 2019, August. A lager might cost 2000 Bht and shorttime no less than 15000. Life no easy.

I am currently considering to move my temporary headquarters from the Soi 11 greater area towards 16/18. It is still very nice and quiet there.

Boom boom as such by the way still same same since Adam and Eve, which is good.

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