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Identifying a proper brekkie


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This my contribution, a "Fusion Breakfast" - a mix of English and American with some Antipodean nuances. The photo is so you can see what to look for in a good breakfast.






Black Pudding - made from Pigs Blood, fried to a crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.


Tomato - halved, seasoned and the cut face dipped in flour, then fried. Gives a calorie laden crust.


Bacon - rindless "dry cured" and fired till crisp.


Salami - preferably a hot variety, fried till crisp.


Hash brown - fried till crisp.


Eggs - fried till crisp on the edges but yolk still runny, much black pepper ground over.


Toast - multi grain and toasted, using sour cream instead of butter will make this less fattening.







I'd probably kill my whole family for one of them right now



Altho, and im being very picky here, id love some tinned, fried tomatoes for dipping and a bit of white pudding to go with it.



white pudding in Bangkok, where???

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The Black Swan's food is pretty good (some things better than others)

The Roast Pork Roll is huge....and very good..


Haven't been there in a while, but never experienced any issues with service or staff....come to think of it there was 1 particular staff member, that my member would have liked to service :grinyes::sex::grinyes:


As for drink prices, don't recall them being much different to most of the other "Western" Pub / Restaurants around town


Not likely to visit again soon....didn't see any Alfalfa sprouts or low fat yoghurt on the menu....lol


Cheers DS

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