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Thai Con Artists ruin holidays


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Everyone needs a windmill to battle, I guess.


I'm with Dumsoda tho': anyone with half a brain knows that a retail shop does NOT sell things for less than market value. ESPECIALLY commodity market items like gems.


Does that make the conmen innocent as BuBi suggests? Of course not. Don't be stupid. But use your brain people -- your head has a higher purpose than just for use as a hatrack, as me ol' pappy used to say.


As for TAT being involved. Highly doubtful. More like apathy.




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When I take my friends to Thailand for the first time I just tell them they need to realize there are pros and cons. All the girls are pros, and all the guys are cons. :)


Actually, Thailand is not that bad. You have some polite Thai trying to trick you out of a few bucks if you're dumb enough to fall for his scam. Now imagine a wealthy tourist walking through the poorest neighborhood of some Western city.

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I'm a full time resident in Bangkok.

I didn't go looking for these people. I bought a DSLR camera last year and started playing tourist. Everywhere I went I got approached...constantly.

now THIS statement surprises me! for how long are you resident? as i said those people know pretty well their pride. i never get approached and i am also pretty often in those areas where they operate. even touts usually do not approach me; and two words in thai is enough to get them run off!

do you look like a choirboy? :neener:


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This thread reminds me of a story a Blackjack dealer told me when I was on my first visit to Vegas.


He said it was amazing the amount of people who blew their entire holiday budget on the first night in town.


Often he said the wife and kids were oblivious to what was going on until thay had to turn the car around and head home.


Common denominator......like someone else called it ....greed.

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Scammers exist everywhere I have been.

If you fall for a scam then you are almost as guilty as the scammer. (you wont be so stupid next time......or maybe?)


Sticking one's farang nose in the little business of Thai people is quite brave, good luck and hope you have not been spotted or did not tell it to other Thai people.....An accident can happen so easily in BKK.


I dont see the point about Thai scammers, there are scammers everywhere in Paris, Roma, London and Madrid mistaking me for a Japanese tourists and trying to sell me all kind of (very) expensive "souvenirs" etc......

Before starting to say Thailand is the worst etc...

Go clean your own country please.

(and yes TAT is full of corrupt people but which administration is not?)

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Can't be much left on that axe.... :stirthepo


Just out of interest were your nephews scammed before or after you worked for the tour company?


My Nephews came to Bangkok and called me. I was busy and would see them the next day.

They grabbed a tourist map and went looking for the Temple.......

Yes, this was before my Bangkok Tour Co. was formed.


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